Responsive Through & Through – Zurb Foundation


The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.

The Fastest Foundation Yet

Foundation 5 is fastest, best build yet. It’s packed with features to help you code and learn faster than ever before.

Zurb Foundation

one among the popular User Interface framework. Zurb Foundation 5, the current version of foundation can be downloaded from


Responsive Through & Through

We were the very first responsive framework and have been a friend to designers and developers around the world.

Built for Four Corners
When we released Foundation in 2011, we wanted to create a way for people to easily build responsive sites, and that continues to be our driving motivation. At ZURB, we almost exclusively create responsive sites for ourselves, and our clients, and Foundation plays a huge role in that. We use it every day, and we know it works.

Built on Sass
We decided that Foundation would be built on Sass (Scss, technically) a little over a year ago and we’ve never looked back. Not only is Sass in constant development, but through Sass you get the power of semantic code, faster styling, and tons of awesome programmatic features.

There are 3 options to download the Zurb Foundation libraries.


1. Default CSS

This version of Foundation includes smart defaults and doesn’t require Sass or any other tools. You would use this to build on top of Foundation with vanilla CSS.
If you are ok with using the default colors and if you want all the components of Foundation 4, then the default css will be the right option for you. You can click the button Download Foundation CSS to download the zip file . If you extract the zip file you can see the below folder structure.



2. Custom CSS

You can customize your build of Foundation below to include or remove certain elements, as well as to define the size of columns, colors, font size and more.
If you want to change the Zurb Foundation’s default theme for your need, then the easiest option is to customize it before downloading. To customize the Zurb Foundation library, go to
and scroll down. You will find options to select the components you want, change the colors, grid size, edge radius, etc…. After customizing, you can download the customized library by clicking the button Download Custom Build.



3. Sass

Foundation is built using SCSS, and you can work with it in the same way. To get Foundation using Sass, check out the instructions on the Install documentation page.
This is only for the advanced users who are familiar with CSS extension language. If you want more control and customization over Zurb Foundation library and if you are familiar with SASS and SCSS (CSS extension language) then you can use SCSS tools to customize Zurb Foundation. The details for using Sass version of Zurb Foundation is available here


There’s so much shiny awesomeness in this release we think it speaks for itself. In case it doesn’t though, here’s a rundown on some of the new (and existing) features in the first, most-advanced responsive framework out there.

Fast Click: We’ve integrated fastclick.js so your mobile users have a snappier experience.
GPU Acceleration: Animation will perform significantly better and sleeker.
Off Canvas: Off Canvas provides a powerful way to build navigation into screens.
Improved Forms: It’s super easy to code up forms, inline labels and other components.
CLI: We’ve written our own CLI wrappers so you can quickly spin up new projects. Just use ‘foundation new project-name’ and off you go.
Sublime Text: One of our favorite editors now has some sweet Foundation shortcuts you can use to write crazy fast code.
Templates: We’ve created all new shiny templates to jump start your next Foundation 5 project.
Libsassy: Foundation 5 works with Libsass, a new Sass processor. And it’s crazy fast. Sometimes 32x as fast.
Building Blocks: Building Blocks are bits of code that you can drop into any Foundation project.
Forum: Got a questions? We’ve created a custom forum specifically for all our Foundation users to get the answers they need.
Videos: We’ve opened up a premium channel for you to get individual support using Foundation.
New Training: ZURB now offers Web-based and on-site training classes for Foundation, taught by the framework developers themselves.
Foundation Support: We know how important it is for you to get the answers. We have a team ready to help you get answers to your questions.
Engineering Studios: If you need something built with Foundation, we’re here to help with a full range of consulting services.
Foundation Training: We have several Web-based or custom, on-site classes available for Foundation.
Design Apps: ZURB offers a suite of apps to help you design products, and Foundation integration is coming soon.


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