Yii Framework on WAMP Server

Yii Framework on WAMP Server


The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.

Yii comes with rich features: MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, authentication and role-based access control, scaffolding, testing, etc. It can reduce your development time significantly.


Yii only loads the features that you need. It has powerful caching support. It is explicitly designed to work efficiently with AJAX.


Security comes as standard with Yii. It includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injection and Cross-site scripting prevention.

Yii is pronounced as Yee or [ji:], and is an acroynym for “Yes It Is!“. This is often the accurate, and most concise response to inquires from those new to Yii:
Is it fast? … Is it secure? … Is it professional? … Is it right for my next project? … Yes, it is!

Yii is a free, open-source Web application development framework written in PHP5 that promotes clean, DRY design and encourages rapid development. It works to streamline your application development and helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible, and maintainable end product.

Being extremely performance optimized, Yii is a perfect choice for any sized project. However, it has been built with sophisticated, enterprise applications in mind. You have full control over the configuration from head-to-toe (presentation-to-persistence) to conform to your enterprise development guidelines. It comes packaged with tools to help test and debug your application, and has clear and comprehensive documentation.

a Windows web development environment.

WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases.



WampServer’s functionalities are very complete and easy to use so we won’t explain here how to use them.

With a left click on WampServer’s icon, you will be able to:

  • manage your Apache and MySQL services
  • switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
  • install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
  • manage your servers settings
  • access your logs
  • access your settings files
  • create alias

With a right click :

  • change WampServer’s menu language
  • access this page

Installation & Confihuration

  1. Download WAMP Server 64 Bit version for Windows http://www.wampserver.com/en/ File name “Wampserver2.4-x64.exe”
  2. Install WAMP Server. Follow simple and default steps to install wamp server.
  3. Change port 80 to 8080.
  4. On a system tray, click the WAMP server icon > Apache > httpd.conf, then change the line Listen 80 to Listen 8080 or any port you want.
  5. Test wamp server http://localhost:8080/
  6. Download latest “Yii Framework” from http://www.yiiframework.com/ File name: “yii-1.1.14.f0fee9.tar”
  7. Extract the files to any folder and copy/rename the folder as “yii”
  8. Copy the “yii” folder to “c:\wamp\www” C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.12\
  9. on c:\wamp\www creates a file with the extension ‘bat’ (for example myrun.bat), then open it with an editor (I suggest you notepad++) and put this code
    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.12
  10. Run the myrun.bat like as an executable file. A console command line will be appeared.
  11. Ensure that the current path is c:\wamp\www and then type
    php yii/framework/yiic.php webapp helloworld
  12. Browse the newly configured webapp from “http://localhost:8080/helloworld/”
  13. Should looks like